Perfectly Simple Yoga Socks Knitting Pattern (Unisex)


With this knitting pattern you can make yourself perfectly comfy and simplistic yoga socks for warmer feet while maintaining maximum grip. Designed to fit most adult women and men!


With this knitting pattern you can make yourself perfectly comfy and simplistic yoga socks for warmer feet while maintaining maximum grip.

They are designed to cover as much of the feet as possible without covering the heel and ball joint, so you don’t slip away to a flat dog 😊 The hole for the heel is designed to look neat and rounded without those stretched corner stitches.

Unisex sizing
The pattern is available in two sizes to fit most adults, both women and men!
S/M will fit feet with shoe sizes EUR 36-41, US (women) 6-9.5, UK (women) 3.5-7.
M/L will fit feet with shoe sizes EUR 42-46, US (men) 8.5-12.5, UK (men) 8-12.
The leg part is nice and short, but can easily be altered to your liking. The foot length is also adjustable for nothing less than a perfect fit!

Skill level
Easy: you need to know how to knit and purl and there is some casting off and on again for the heel part, which is further explained in the pattern.

I used about 30-40 g of Lana Grossa Meilenweit 6-ply, depending on the foot size. It is a very soft and easily washable, somewhat heavy sock yarn with wool to keep you warm.

Free Gift Labels
If you are planning on making these yoga socks as a gift, Home of Yarns also has a gift for you! You get free printable gift labels and wraps to make your gift look even more awesome.

This pattern is available in 4 languages: UK English, USA English, German (Deutsch) and Dutch (Nederlands)!

Color blind friendly
I made an effort to make all of the Home of Yarns patterns color blind friendly, with dark text on a white background and if a chart is included, it is always in addition to written out instructions. For the charts, I use symbols in either black and white or other highly contrasting color combinations. I am quite positive that I did a good job, but I am no expert on color blindness. If you need any assistance reading the pattern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will be happy to help you out.

I am also interested in making my patterns accessible for more people, for example, for users of screen readers. If you are interested in a special version of this pattern, so that it meets your specific needs, please feel free to contact me. Tell me all about what would work for you and I will try my best to make the pattern accessible to you. I would love to learn from you and make Home of Yarns more inclusive.

PDF Download
This pattern is a PDF file that you receive instantly in your mailbox after your check out. You can start right away if you feel like it!

And now it’s time to hop on your mat and enjoy some awesome yoga. Namasté.



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