Neat Mushroom Rattle Crochet Pattern


Crochet pattern for a neat mushroom rattle, with or without dots and a skirt around the stalk. It is a toy for babies to feel, see as well as hear!


With this crochet pattern, you can make a neat mushroom rattle, with or without dots and a skirt around the stalk.

Size & Age
If you make the toy according to this pattern, it will be about 15 cm / 5 ⅞ inch tall and 9 cm / 3 ½  inch wide. It is a cute toy for babies of a few months old.

The sound of the rattle and the different colors of this toy invite the baby to investigate it. As babies mainly see contrasts in the beginning, the dots on the cap are not just cute, but also attract the baby’s attention. The skirt around the stem and the gills are for fidgeting purposes. You can make this rattle with the dots, with a skirt or with both. It is a toy for babies to feel, see as well as hear!

Skill level
Intermediate: this pattern contains front post single crochet stitches, which are explained in the pattern.

I used three colors of fine cotton yarn. You only need about 10 g per color. I like to use Schachenmayr Catania or Scheepjes Catona yarn, but you can use any fine yarn that is 100 % cotton.

Free Gift Labels
It is a lovely handmade gift for a babyshower. In case you want to make this toy as a gift, Home of Yarns also has a gift for you: a free printable gift label to make your present look even more awesome!

This pattern is available in 4 languages: UK English, USA English, German (Deutsch) and Dutch (Nederlands)!

Color blind friendly
I made an effort to make all of the Home of Yarns patterns color blind friendly, with dark text on a white background and if a chart is included, it is always in addition to written out instructions. For the charts, I use symbols in either black and white or other highly contrasting color combinations. I am quite positive that I did a good job, but I am no expert on color blindness. If you need any assistance reading the pattern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will be happy to help you out.

I am also interested in making my patterns accessible for more people, for example, for users of screen readers. If you are interested in a special version of this pattern, so that it meets your specific needs, please feel free to contact me. Tell me all about what would work for you and I will try my best to make the pattern accessible to you. I would love to learn from you and make Home of Yarns more inclusive.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about this pattern. I am happy to help you out.

PDF Download
This pattern is a PDF file that you receive instantly in your mailbox after your check out. You can start right away if you feel like it!

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