Summer knitting and crocheting

Knitting, crocheting or otherwise crafting with yarn is influenced by the seasons. It is generally considered an indoor activity for the time of the year when the days are short. However, some people just can’t stop 🙂 I just love to take my yarn out in the garden and catch some sun rays while I work on my project.

Summer projects
There are so many nice things you could make for the summer or all year round. The crafting really does not have to stop in the spring. This year, I planned to make something summery, but instead I already made some accessories for the coming winter. It’s just that I already had the yarn and knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. So I just did! I will hold on to the patterns for a while and add them later on.

Anyway, summer is not over yet and I will get to my summer project eventually. In the meantime, I already started sketching ideas for new Christmas ornaments and I am working on my technique. I am currently learning to knit with two colors of yarn simultaneously, with one color on each hand. It is like learning how to write with your other hand, but more complicated. I find it a slow but rewarding process. At first, I kept dropping my needle, while I was working on the position of my fingers. It must have looked really clumsy. Luckily, I have since improved and now work on my knitting tension. My practice project already looks quite good. Soon, I will be able to take on those beautiful multi-colored projects I admired for many years!

I am curious to know if you like outdoor knitting or crocheting as well. What project you are working on this summer? Leave a comment!


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