Travel knitting project

I cannot go on a trip without some lovely knitting or crochet project. I just love having something to make with me on vacation, no matter the weather or location. This summer I chose to take a knitting project with me.

Picking a travel knitting project
This past summer, I went to Lake Garda, Italy. I knew that it was going to be hot and my luggage has a tendency to grow out of control, despite my best efforts. So I decided to leave my work in progress, a warm raglan sweater, at home and looked for a more travel friendly knitting project instead.

I wanted a somewhat small and cool (as in ‘no extra heat please’) project to take with me and my eye fell on my cotton yarn stash. Since you can never have enough dishcloths, I quickly decided to make another one. The cotton is nice in warm weather and with only one ball of yarn, it is also travel friendly.

Intuitive pattern
I spent some time swatching to figure out a pattern to my liking and made notes of my plans. Then I packed everything for later.

It worked out great! The pattern turned out to be very visible and intuitive, which made it very easy to follow the pattern just by looking what was in my hands. I did not even think of that when I decided on this project, but it is nice to have a travel project that does not require a close eye on a written pattern or chart.

New dishcloth pattern
I was so busy shopping, sightseeing and staring at the beautiful lake that I did not quite finish the project by the time our vacation ended. I did however finish it soon afterwards and you can find the new dishcloth pattern here. It is the 6th dishcloth pattern for Home of Yarns, but I already know I will not leave it at that.

Husband knows best
You know, my husband told me he prefers the knitted dishcloths over the store bought ones. He says they work better. I hope we can all agree that they also look better. So that can only mean knitting dishcloths is a win-win situation. I highly recommend it, whether you are traveling or not.

But first things first, I am going to finish that raglan sweater 😊

Do you take a knitting or crochet project with you on your trips too? Do tell me about it in the comments.


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