5 Tips for making crochet Pot Holders

If you want to crochet pot holders yourself, it is good to know what to look for in patterns. My very first handmade crocheted pair of pot holders are pretty, but lie, hardly used, in my kitchen drawer. Here is how you can prevent that.

Size matters
You might ask why my very first pot holders lie unused in my drawer. The reason is because they are for tiny humans, apparently. A lot of pot holder patterns result in rather small pot holders and that will not protect you very well.

I myself am not that tiny, nor is my husband. We are both Dutch, a country known for its relatively large people. Still, even if you are not Dutch, I am guessing you don’t have childsize hands either.

So I have learned to always make my pot holders big enough for my husbands larger hands. Big enough means that I make them slightly bigger than his hands.

Look for adjustable crochet patterns
This almost always requires adjusting the original patterns. So if you find a crochet pattern for pot holders that you like, check if you know how to adjust the size so you can make the pot holders fit for you or your family. Unless of course you want to make pot holders for your daughter’s play kitchen.

Cotton only
Be sure to only use 100 % cotton yarn if you want to crochet pot holders. Cotton will withstand heat like no other material. I use my pot holders not only for hot pots and pans, but also for baking in the oven. They are great! And they look amazing of course.

Yarn thickness
Also, as they are meant to protect your hands, pot holders need to be quite thick. With thin yarn, your pot holders will not be up for the job. On the other hand, with bulky yarn, the holes in your pattern will be too big and your little finger might just fit through. Yarn of average thickness will do the trick. I like yarn with 26 stitches and 36 rows in 10 cm2 (or 4 inch2).

Double layered crochet pot holders
Still, with yarn of medium thickness, I prefer to make pot holders double layered. I crochet four layers and craft them together two by two. That way, you can use nice patterns with some holes in it and it still protects you very well. Better than any store-bought fabric ones, I dare say.

I hope this helps you to crochet pot holders of great quality that you will love and use for many years, knowing they will protect you.

If you are looking for a pretty and size adjustable crochet pattern for pot holders, you might want to take a look these pretty pot holder patterns.


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