Crochet terminology: stitch names and abbreviations translated (USA, UK, NL, DE)

Hi there! Welcome to Home of Yarns. Are you confused about crochet terminology? The stitches are named and abbreviated differently per country and that can be pretty confusing.

UK vs US crochet terminology
Especially when you want to use an English pattern, make sure you know whether it is written in US or UK terminology. The crochet terms used in the USA and UK overlap, but mean different stitches! In the table below you can find out how the most common stitches are called in the USA, UK, The Netherlands and Germany. It also shows the abbreviations for all of the stitches. I hope it will help you understand your crochet pattern.

Crochet patterns available in four languages
By the way, here at the Home of Yarns store you can find crochet Patterns translated in all of these languages so you can get the pattern in the terminology that you prefer. I even converted all lengths from the metric to the imperial system for all the American crochet fans!  That way, Home of Yarns makes patterns easy!


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