Using eco friendly Face Scrubbies and Make-Up Remover Pads

Have you ever tried using cotton face scrubbies instead of scrub or disposable make-up remover pads? They are fabulous little things! Washable, reusable, pretty and last but not least: they are good for your skin as well as the planet.

Plastic in scrub products
Do you sometimes wonder about the ingredients of your skin products? Perhaps you know that scrubs often contain miniscule plastic balls, that are just flushed into the sea. Reading the information on the packages of skin products helps, but if you are handy with a crochet hook there is an easier eco friendly way.

What are Face Scrubbies?
Face scrubbies are little circles of cotton, mostly crocheted. They are about the size of disposable pads that you probably have lying in your bathroom, so they would even fit in pad dispensers. They are used for all the things that you would normally use the disposable pads for, except nail polish removal and plus one extra thing: as a scrub pad!

How to use them?
I love to give my face a gentle scrub with my face scrubbies. When I wash my face, I apply some of my face wash product on the scrubbie and circle it over my face. Then I rinse and my skin feels noticeably softer than normal! Then I grab another one to apply lotion. You could even remove make-up with a scrubbie. Isn’t it great?

How to clean them?
After use, I rinse out the face scrubbie and let it dry before I throw it into the laundry basket. Then I just wash it in the machine with everything else. Scrubbies with make-up on them would, depending on the type of make-up, need a higher temperature or some pre-treatment to remove the stains.

Quick project and cute gift
All in all, they are certainly worth trying. They are quick and easy to make and look very pretty in your bathroom. Also, they make cute gifts. What are you waiting for?

As it so happens, here at Home of Yarns you can get your very own crochet pattern for face scrubbies. It is a PDF pattern that you instantly receive in your mailbox. You are welcome!


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