5 Knitting Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. I see more neighbours starting to decorate their gardens with twinkle lights every day and I might start decorating this weekend too. I love Christmas, lights and cosiness. That is why knitting for Christmas is so much fun. If you need some inspiration, here are 5 Christmas knitting ideas.

1 Knitted Christmas Ornaments
You can knit beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree or garland. You can choose any colorscheme you want and use metallic yarn to make your decorations extra shiny. Handmade decorations also look lovely on gifts under the tree.

2 Knitting Home Deco
You can think big and make a beautiful (fair isle) pillowcase, tree skirt or blanket to put on your sofa. And how about Christmas stockings? The bigger you make yours, the more gifts fit into it 😉

3 Knitted Accessories to keep you warm
I often am cold and looove warmth. So I very much like to knit hats, scarfs and socks. You can make them extra christmassy by adding images of snowflakes, raindeer, fir trees or a cute snowman.

4 Knit your own Christmas Sweater
How about making your own (ugly) christmas sweater this year? For yourself or your beloved dachshund. That would be awesome! If you do, I would love to see it. Please send me a picture 🙂

5 Knitting Christmas gifts
It also makes a lot of fun to knit gifts for your loved ones. Choose projects that you can finish in time without stress. So, think small or bulky yarn, like ornaments, hats, cowls, dishcloths, lavender sachets or face scrubbies. If you know of a great and quick project to knit as a present, I am very interested to learn about it. Leave a comment!


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