Crochet Christmas Ornaments

Add some love to your home by making handmade decorations. It is so much fun to crochet your own Christmas ornaments. They are all quick projects and you can make them in any color you want!

Crochet for your Tree
I really like to mix and match handmade ornaments with traditional Christmas balls. By using matching colors and glittery yarn, the handmade decorations totally fit in with the style. This way, you can start with a few ornaments and gradually expand your collection. Maybe one day you will be able to decorate your Christmas tree entirely with crocheted ornaments. How unique is that?! It would take some time to make all those ornaments though 😉

Christmas Bells and Snowflakes
Lately, I have been busy crocheting Christmas Bells and Snowflakes. I like to use silver colored yarn and colors that match my other Christmas decorations or gift wrapping paper for this year. These handmade ornaments look lovely as gift toppers and can be small gifts themselves. If you are interested in the patterns, you will find them in my Home of Yarns shop.

Ideas for more ornaments
You can never have too many snowflakes. Eventually, you will have enough to join them together as a pretty garland. However, when you’re done with the Christmas Bells and Snowflakes, you can add some more designs, like bows, stars, Christmas trees, little snowmen and raindeer.  When you stick to your color scheme, all of these different crochet ornaments will mix together beautifully.

Home of Yarns wishes you a lovely, happy and crafty Christmas!


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