5 Tips to avoid stitches slipping of knitting needles

Are you familiar with the problem of stitches slipping of your knitting needles? Here are some tips to prevent that from ruining your hard work.

1 Knitting further down the needles
Some people knit with their top stitches all the way up the tips of the needles. Knitting so close to the tips might have great advantages, but obviously it makes it easier for the stitches to slip of the needles. If you knit very close to the tips too, try to move everything down a little bit.

2 Knitting hand positioning
Perhaps a little adjustment of your hand positioning could help. I use to topmost available fingers to lay on the top stitches on my knitting needles. That way, the stitches are held down and do not easily slip of. If you would like to know more about how I hold my knitting needles, you can read my article on how to hold knitting needles.

3 Change the needle material
Some knitting needles are more slippery than others. Metal needles are very popular and potentially very fast, but they are also slippery. You might want to switch them for less slippery wooden or plastic ones. If you would like to read more about this, I wrote an article on the differences between knitting needles of different materials.

4 Check your knitting tension
Loose stitches slip of knitting needles more easily than tight ones. If you are a very loose knitter, you could try to increase the knitting tension a little bit.

5 Slow down
Last but not least, take your time and focus. For most people, including myself, watching TV while knitting is just too hard. Just turn on the radio instead 🙂

I hope these tips help you to avoid your stitches slipping of your needles. Have fun knitting!


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