Yarn weight categories

When you want to knit or crochet a particular pattern and get a similar result, it is important to also use similar yarn. One of the things to check is the yarn weight or thickness.

Gauge vs. Yarn weight category
I always look for gauge information in the pattern and compare this to the numbers on the yarn label to see if I can use that yarn. Sometimes, however, yarn weight is specified by category names instead of numbers. Those categories indicate that yarn fits in a certain range of thickness. It is therefore not as precise as the gauge information. Still, it helps if you know what all these yarn weight categories mean. So here they are, neatly listed for future reference.

Keep in mind though, that the recommended needle sizes that go with each category are more guidelines than actual rules. If you would like to know which US or UK needle sizes are recommended, you can use the Home of Yarns Needles Size Converter.


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