Crochet Trick: magic ring (a.k.a. magic circle)

When you crochet in the round, you typically start in the center. You need a center ring and then work your first round in that ring. The center ring can be made from a few chain stitches, joined together with a slip stitch, but it is also common to start with a magic ring, also known as a magic circle.

What is a magic ring?
A magic ring in crochet is a loop of yarn, wherein you work the stitches of the first round. The ring can then can be closed by pulling on the yarn end. Unlike a starting ring of chain stitches, a magic ring can be closed completely to eliminate a center hole in your work. So, depending on whether or not you would like a center hole in your work, you can choose between these two ways of starting a crochet project.

Left circle: center ring of 4 chain stitches – Right circle: center with magic ring

Since the magic ring is closed after you have worked the stitches of the first round, you have plenty of room to work all the stitches into the ring. I personally consider this easier than working stitches into an already small ring of chain stitches.

How to make a magic ring?
The magic ring is essentially a loop of yarn, held together by a chain stitch. Follow the instructions in the fotos to find out how it’s done.

Wrap the yarn around your hand, crossing the yarn as pictured.
Let the yarn leave your hand in between your ring and little finger, to create some tension on the yarn. Then insert your crochet hook under the yarn on the right …
… and use it to grab the yarn on the left. You should now have a loop on your hook. Hold everything carefully, as it is not very stable yet.
Next, you need to yarn over and pull the yarn on the left through the loop on your hook. I rotate my hand in order to get hold of the yarn more easily.
You can now let go and get the magic ring of your hand.

That’s it! Once you have you magic ring, you can work the stitches of the first round into the ring and around the tail end. Be sure to use the working yarn and not the tail end to work your stitches. When you have worked all your stitches, you close the ring by pulling the tail end.

Work the stitches of the first round into the magic ring. Here, I worked 6 single crochet stitches. When you are done, just pull the tail end of the yarn to close the ring.
When you are done pulling, you can join the round together with a slip stitch and you’re ready for your second round.

I hope this was helpful for you. Have fun crocheting!


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