Crochet hook and knitting needles size converter (Metric, USA, UK)

Well hello! Welcome to Home of Yarns. Are you trying to figure out which size crochet hook or knitting needles to use? Let this size converter help you.

Convert hook and needle size
When you want to use an foreign pattern, make sure you know what the origin of the pattern is. Pay special attention to English patterns, because there are several differences between UK and US patterns. The language will determine both the terminology and the size system that is used for crochet hooks or knitting needles. In the table below, you will find out how the different sizes can be converted.

If you want to know more about terminology differences, I wrote another article on Crochet Terminology.

Crochet and knitting patterns available in all size systems
Just so you know, here at Home of Yarns you can find crochet Patterns translated in four languages  and all of these size systems so you can get the pattern in the terminology and size system of your choice. I even converted all lengths from the metric to the imperial system for all the American crochet and knitting fans!  That way, Home of Yarns makes patterns easy!


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