A Christmas gift: free Ear Saver pattern

Home of Yarns has a gift for you this Christmas, in the shape of a free pattern. I thought, with everything going on the world, we could all use a little something.

Looking back on this year
2020 has been a difficult year for most people. Covid came and turned many lives upside down. Recently, many European countries including the country I live in, The Netherlands, went into lockdown again. It is a strange reality, but with all the new vaccines coming, I hope things will get better somewhere next year.

Until then, I stay home as much as possible. I am lucky my online shop allows me to work from home anyway. When I go out on an errand or to meet someone, I try to keep a safe distance and wear a face mask in public places, as I imagine we all do.

Covid creativity
I noticed that besides all the horrific stuff, Covid also inspired people to get inventive. I have never heard of more creative solutions for practical problems than this past year. One of those ideas inspired this gift to you.

As wearing a face mask might get uncomfortable on your ears, people invented so called ‘ear savers’.  You wear them on the back of your head and put the elastics of your mask around the ear savers instead of your ears. You can buy them, print them on a 3D printer, sew them or….crochet them!

Here is a free pattern for you to crochet your own ear saver. It’s made with love.

Home of Yarns presents…. a Free Crochet Pattern for Ear Savers

– You can use any leftover fine yarn. I used cotton yarn by Schachenmayer Catania, Color 413 – Gauge: 26 stitches and 36 rows in 4 inch2 or 10 cm2.  
– I used a 2.5 mm crochet hook (= US size between B/1 and C/2; UK size between 12 and 13).
– 2 buttons (I used buttons with a diameter of ⅝ inch or 1.5 cm)          

Skill level: intermediate

Stitch abbreviations
ch           chain stitch
sl st        slip stitch
sc            single crochet (UK: double crochet)
dc           double crochet (UK: treble)

Start with a foundation chain of 21 ch (21)
1          1 ch (counts as a sc), 19 sc, 3 sc in the next stitch, 19 sc, 2 sc in the next stitch, join with sl st in starting ch (44)
2         1 ch (counts as sc), [skip 1 stitch, 3 dc in the next stitch, skip 1 stitch, sc in the next stitch] 5x, 5 dc in the next stitch, 1 sc, [skip 1 stitch, 3 dc in the next stitch, skip 1 stitch, sc in the next stitch] 5x, 5 dc in the next stitch, join with sl st in starting ch (52)
Weave in yarn ends.

Add buttons
Sew on your two buttons. I like to do that in a specific way, for which you find the instructions below.

How to add buttons – step by step
1 Cut off a long piece of yarn and split it so that it fits through the buttons. If your button has large enough holes, you might not have to split your yarn. Then, fold it in half and insert the two ends through the eye of a needle.
2 Go through the button from the back tot the front and then from the front to the back.
3 Go through the loop with your needle and pull tight.
4 Now the yarn in secured to the button.
5 Sew the button to your ear saver. I like to go through each hole of the button twice.
6 Then let the needle come out between the ear saver and the button.
7 Make two knots in between the button and the ear saver by placing the yarn around the button as pictured. Then cut off the yarn ends so that they do not come out from under the button.

Adjustable size
When you make the ear saver according to this pattern it will be 4 ⅛ inch or 10,5 cm long, but that’s easily adjustable if you want. Just leave out or add a multitude of 4 chain stitches (= 1 scallop) to your foundation chain, until your ear saver is the desired length.

I hope you have fun making these ear savers. By all means, share this pattern with everyone you think might need it.

Home of Yarns wishes you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year! Stay safe.


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