How to achieve smooth knitting

Would you like to minimize irregularities in your knitwork and achieve a smoother result, here is a tip!

Tip for smooth knitting
Smooth knitting is all about keeping your tension under control. Some knitters use more tension than others, and that’s totally fine. Loose knitting can look different from tight knitting, but both can be smooth and regular, as long as you stick with the same tension.

Smooth transitions between knit and purl stitches
It gets a little harder to keep a consistent tension when you constantly have to switch between knit and purl stitches. For example when you are knitting a seed stitch pattern. Still, to achieve smooth knitting, you need to keep the tension the same for both types of stitches. 

How to tension the yarn
There are many ways of keeping tension on the yarn, all of which can work for you. The best method for you is largely dependend on your general knitting style and type of yarn. If you would like to know how I personally tension my yarn, I wrote an article about that too.

Observe and fix your tension
The way to improve the consistency of your knitting tension is firstly to just observe what you are doing. Find out whether or not you vary your tension and if, for example, your purl stitches are looser than your knit stitches. If  you know what happens, it is easier to fix and keep an eye on your tension in those particular situations. If you follow these steps and try to consistently tension your yarn, you will notice your knitting getting smoother in no time!


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